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You can find our detailed size guide on our product page for each style. It’s located above the size selection chart. Keep in mind that all our shoes are Medium Width so if you have a wide foot please consider going a size up.

We have created a special table of main features for every style, which can be found down below the “Add to cart” button.

When selecting safety shoes, the Powerful Gear team encourages our customers to follow the basic safety criteria which consists of 5 unique safety features:

STEEL TOE CAP. First number in the code indicates if shoe equipped with steel toe protection. Also, it shows different degree of protection. #0 – None; #1 – Steel Toe is capable to resist only 90J; #2 – Steel Toe resists 125J and above (Note: 125J equivalent to 22.7kg object falling from a distance of 0.56m).

PUNCTURE RESISTANT SOLE. This section can be divided into two divisions: present or absent. #0 – None; “P” – Present.

SLIP RESISTANCE. This section can be divided into two divisions: present or absent. #0 – None; “1” – Present.

ELECTRIC SHOCK RESISTANCE. There are 3 main shoe electrical characteristics. “E” – Electrical shock resistant; “S” – Static Dissipative; “C” – fully conductive.

Water Resistance. Water resistance shoe property contains 3 main subtypes. #0 – None; #1 – Water resistant sole; #2 – Water resistant whole surface.

Absolutely! Here are the specific numbers: 

- Steel Toe Cap is capable to withstand more than 200J.

- Military Grade Kevlar Midsole provides puncture resistance and can endure more than 1100N.

- Anti-Static feature determined by 6000V resistant sole.

- Select Power Gear shoes offer water resistance and slip resistance function.

Power Gear shoes are water and oil resistant and able to resist the penetration of water and oil to some degree. For instance, they protect against some weather conditions like rain and snow or against oil spills. Powerful Gear shoes are designed to let less water in than traditional materials, but they're not waterproof.

Please refer to our "Track Orders" page for more details related to the Delivery Time frame for certain countries.

Please be informed it takes some time to update the tracking numbers by delivery companies, due to restrictions imposed by Covid-19 regulations and shortage of staff. Please note that your order is actually on the way, and there is no delay in delivery. Therefore allow some time for your tracking information to reflect the current delivery status.

We have decided to switch from a regular cardboard shoebox, that most sneakers are sold in, to the packaging made of plastic. The package, large enough to fit a pair of shoes, takes on the form of a clear bubble. Therefore, it prevents any damage to the shoe during shipping.

Please be advised that some countries have placed temporary restrictions on the size and weight of incoming shipping packages. As a result, customs are prioritizing shipments of medical equipment over commercial packages. We are doing everything we can to ensure there are no significant delays in promised delivery times due to this type of limitation. Therefore, Powerful Gear uses limited size bubble envelope packages for affected countries.

Powerful Gear return centre located at "RPO QUEENSWAY HIGH, ETOBICOKE, ON, Canada".

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