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Complete Buying Guide: How to Choose the Most Stylish Safety Shoes

As a hard worker, you deserve to be comfortable as you work each day. Working in dangerous environments, moving about in a place where there are sharp objects or extreme temperatures requires the wearing of safety shoes. The protection provided by these shoes can never be discounted. Unfortunately, many of the shoes on the market are far from stylish.


Before we discuss the style of shoes, let us briefly look at some of the foundational things you should be looking for in a pair of work shoes.


Foot Protection from HazardsEnsure that you buy a pair of shoes that offer the hazard protection that you need for your work environment. This means you will have to verify all the features of the work shoes to ensure that it is what you need. Some jobs might require the wearing of steel toe shoes while some can be handled by soft toe shoes.

Composite toe and alloy toe shoes also have their place. Each type of safety shoe has its unique features to handle various work environments. Do not just go online and buy a random pair of safety shoes. Evaluate your work environment and then measure each shoe against those hazards.


Safety Shoes MaterialsYou want to buy a pair of work shoes that are made from a durable yet functional material. Shoes are built from different materials to suit the particular need of the worker. Some shoes provide protection from undersole penetration, so the undersoles are built with a much stronger material than other shoes. Shoes designed for work environments where you are exposed to electrical hazards will feature a lot of rubber to keep you safe. Check the material of the sole and the upper of the safety shoes because these are also made from different materials.


Work Footwear FlexibilityLong term injuries can result from the extensive wearing of work shoes that do not offer the level of flexibility needed by the worker. There are some jobs that require you to be able to move around quickly. If your work shoes do not enable you to do this smoothly and safely, it can spell trouble for you in a number of ways. Safety shoes are not typically designed to provide you with this level of flexibility but there are some that are so designed so that you can move when you need to.


Safety Footwear BreathabilityThis is a very critical point. It is highly likely that you will be spending prolonged periods in your work shoes, moving around and you will likely be in an environment where you will sweat in your feet. If your work shoes do not allow proper ventilation to your feet, you will be exposing yourself to all sorts of issues with bacteria that can ultimately result in unpleasant infections. Choose a shoe that offers a lot of breathability so that your feet can get the air it needs in the midst of a hectic workday.


Affordable Safety ShoesWhile the purchase of work shoes should not be at the mercy of a budget, we must be practical. Whether you are buying steel toes shoes, composite toe shoes or alloy toe shoes, they are from from the cheapest things on your shopping list. Be mindful of shoes that offer way more than you need to execute your duty safely and comfortably. Just ensure that you do not sacrifice protection for affordability. If it means that you will have to cut back on some other expenses so that you can afford proper work shoes, do it.

These days, employers are so worried about being sued and having to pay out large buckets of money that they actually provide appropriate work shoes. If you are working in such an establishment, kudos to you!

Consider all these factors before looking at the style of work shoes. When you have narrowed down your list to the perfect type, materials, you can then begin to choose one that suits your style.


Chunky, oversized and boring are words that can easily describe the majority of work shoes on the market; however, safety shoes do not have to be bland and boring. Take the time to search for a brand that provides shoes that cover all the basics that you need to be safe on the worksite while giving you options of design and color.

You do not have to get the jet black or dead brown work shoes. Instead, opt for the colorful low tops that complement your style. Of course, if your company states that you must get a certain color (e.g. black) you will need to follow this, but if you are free to choose whatever color and whatever style, take advantage of it.

Expressing your fashion sense on the worksite does not make you any weaker or less competent than any worker out there wearing old, boring, and raggedy work shoes. Express your style while working. Guess what? It will make you feel better while you work. You should know by now that the clothes you wear have a direct impact on the state of your mind. This includes shoes. Inspire yourself daily while getting things done in a massive way.

TOP 8 Most Stylish Safety Footwear

Now that we have that cleared up, let us take a look at some of the most stylish work shoes on the market. These will give you an idea of how stylish safety shoes can get.

LARNMERN Steel Toe Reflective Casual Sneakers

LARNMERN Steel Toe Reflective Casual SneakersSporting this LARNMERN work shoe will have people wondering if you are going to work or if you are heading to a casual event. This beautiful safety shoe is perfect for work environments where you need proper toe protection. It comes with an anti-smashing steel toe. It is built from strong and durable material. These work shoes will last you a long time while giving you the protection you need.

These well-designed safety shoes are lightweight and will not leave you fatigued after walking around in it all day. These are also perfect for hiking or any other outdoor activity where you will need some amount of protection from the potential hazards in the environment.

Harley-Davidson Men's Static Steel Toe Shoe

Harley-Davidson Men's Static Steel Toe ShoeYes, I know. You just said to yourself, “I didn’t know that Harley-Davidson made safety shoes. Well, the popular biking and merchandizing company has also made major contributions to the area of safety shoes. You can expect the same attention to quality that they put into their well-loved and well-supported motorcycles.

These shoes will let you stand out in any environment. Whether it be on the worksite, riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle or simply attending a casual event. These steel toes will offer you the level of toe-protection you need to ensure that you do not sustain injuries from heavy objects falling onto your toes.

The cement construction of these stylish shoes gives you the flexibility we mentioned earlier in this article. The outsoles of these shoes are appropriate for a number of environments. They are slip and oil resistant.

Timberland PRO Titan Safety Men’s Shoes

Timberland PRO Titan Safety Men’s ShoesThe PRO Titan Safety Men’s Shoes are not just perfect for cold environments, they are perfect to match your style. These high cut boots are very attractive and are far from boring to look at. These shoes are made by Timberland and are targeting the niche of buyers who work in cold areas. As you may know, most work shoes are designed for warm temperatures. These shoes are considered to be the top pick for many who work in freezing environments.

The shoe remains very bendable in freezing conditions. This is due to its inclusion of the Vibram Fire and Ice compound. These work shoes are also comfortable to wear while working as it features a Power Fit System that provides a nice balance between functionality and comfort. The padded nature of these shoes ensures that your feet stay warm while working. The leather exterior of the shoes guarantees the durability of these shoes.

Timberland PRO Powertrain Sport

Timberland PRO Powertrain SportTimberland is well known and well qualified as one of the best safety shoes manufacturers in the world. The Powertrain is ideal for those who value a well-designed shoe but are also interested in benefiting from the safety features of the shoe. These shoes are built with ergonomics in mind. They include anti-fatigue outsoles that ensure that your feet, back and legs are properly supported as you work.

Shock absorbance is guaranteed with these stylish work shoes as it has polyurethane outsoles. Flexibility is another great feature of the Timberland Powertrains. This ensures that you can exert the requisite amount of agility to effectively tackle the workday. This makes it great for hiking and outdoor fun.

The health of your feet will be secured with these safety shoes. This is as a result of it including antimicrobial mesh lining. This prevents the buildup of bacteria and ultimately infections. The antimicrobial mesh lining also gives your feet a cooling effect while greatly reducing the moisture of your feet.

SAFETOE Composite Toe Work Shoes

SAFETOE Composite Toe Work ShoesThese shoes have been praised for how well they perform on construction sites. Beyond the protection that they offer, you can also express your style with these. They come in a number of colors from which you can pic and complement your fashion sense. They are also lightweight which makes them great for hiking and other outdoor activities where significant support and foot protection are needed.

These steel toes will ensure that your feet are protected from the potential danger of something heavy damaging your toes. They are also very comfortable as a result of the soft lining inside these shoes. These shoes are of high quality and will be perfect for you while you work.

Powerful Gear Hunter Series

Powerful Gear Hunter SeriesThe Hunter Series is a stunning collection by Powerful Gear. It is near impossible to tell that these shoes are safety shoes. These shoes come in two colors. They are so good that we would recommend that you get both colors. The Hunter series work shoes will definitely turn heads at work.

They are not only beautiful; they are among the most functional shoes that you will find on the market. They come fitted with an advanced foam insole that has technology that offers foot pressure relief. These shoes are also great for sites where you will be exposed to sharp objects that might puncture your shoes. The stylish Hunter series work shoes are fitted with anti-smash European steel toes that can withstand impacts up to 200 joules. That is strong!

These shoes are shock absorbent, flexible, lightweight, and highly breathable. These work shoes embody all that you will ever need in a pair of safety shoes. They can be worn in a casual setting, while hiking or for any outdoor-based activity. One of the greatest things about the Hunter series is that you will be getting style, comfort, protection, and advanced features for an insanely affordable price.

LARNMERN Lightweight Breathable Casual Protection Footwear

LARNMERN Lightweight Breathable Casual Protection FootwearThese shock-absorbent steel toe work shoes are absolutely beautiful. If you are one for colors, you will appreciate these. The blue, white and orange design livens up a boring workday and will give you the inspiration you need to tackle a hectic workday. While keeping you stylish, these safety shoes from LARNMERN will ensure that you do not slip as it features anti-slip outsoles.

These are also perfect for people who work in dark areas or at night because they feature reflective stripes on the upper section. This gives added safety at night to protect you from any unfortunate events. The versatility of these shoes makes them perfect as your everyday work shoes.

Reebok Soyay RB1910 Skate Style

Reebok Soyay RB1910 Skate StyleReebok has long been known for its stylish offerings. That style is not left out of these work shoes. They feature the large and notable reebok sign.

Style is not the only focus of these shoes. Durability and safety are other critical areas for Reebok. These shoes are made with pure leather to ensure that you enjoy them for a long time. The soles of these stylish shoes prevent slips, making these great for wet environments.

The toe caps of these shoes will protect your toes from damage while you work. It is clear that Reebok really considered comfort when making these shoes as the inner lining offers a level of comfort that is incredible. If you do not necessarily work on a construction site or some other site where you are exposed to heavy objects or other hazards, these shoes are still great. The lightweight design makes them perfect for casual wear, hiking, and other general outdoor activities.


The long days on the worksite that you spend should be spent in comfort, safety, and style. You deserve good work shoes and it is for this purpose that we have compiled this list.

Remember the things that we mentioned at the beginning of this article? (I am almost sure you just scrolled up to check). Ensure your next work shoe provides you with adequate protection from your typical work hazards, are made from a material that is suitable and durable, flexible enough to support you as you move about, well ventilated to protect your feet from the effects of built-up bacteria, and ensure that the pair of work shoes does not send you into bankruptcy.

You work hard, but it does not mean you have to look boring doing it. These highly stylish work shoes can offer you the fashion expression that you desire while working all day.

We are impressed with all the options on this list (well, that is why we mentioned them), but we are in love with the Hunter Series from Powerful Gear. We cannot help but to obsess over the bronze edition. The Timberland Powertrain and the Reebok are also eye-catching options.